Ceiling Lights

When choosing a lighting design in your home choosing which ceiling light fixture is one of the most important decisions to be made.  Ceiling lights are a key component of the quality of light throughout your room, be it living room, dining room so it is important that it is functionally and decorative.

As ceiling lights are important to the feel of a room they can be quite costly, depending on the type of fixture your interested in. The price is not determined on their appearance or the components used to make them but the quality of light cast from the ceiling light.

To choose the right ceiling light you need to know he different types of ceiling light fixtures and understand the difference in them.

Types of Ceiling Lighting

Black Dome Pendant Light | Online Ligthing Shop

Pendant Light Fitting


A pendant light is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling typically suspended by a chain, metal rod or flex.

Pendant lighting can be used decoratively or to create ambient lighting in key rooms. They can be used in groups to light important areas within a room such as 3 pendants hung in a straight line over kitchen countertop.


Track  / Spot Lighting

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Track lighting can also be referred to as Spot lighting. Track lighting typically includes a number of light fittings that are places on an track crossing your ceiling. The lights are normally flexible to enable you to change lighting position.

Spot lighting on their own can be used to illuminate key areas, they can be typically found in kitchens or hallways.



Recessed Lighting

Recessed Light Fitting Antique Brass | Online Ligthing Shop

Recessed lighting is a very popular choice to gain that minimalist finish. When recessed lighting is concerned holes are created in the ceiling and recessed lights are inserted into the hole hanging all wires and giving your room that clean and simple look.


High light levels can be achieved any room, by spacing your recessed lights approximately 1 meter square apart, ideal for rooms with low ceilings.


Flush LightingMirrored Glass Flush Light Fitting | Online Lighting Shop

Flush lighting is commonly used in low ceilings, where head height is restricted. This type of fitting has no visible chain or bar and can be used in any room in the house from a bathroom light to a bedroom light.




JR Lighting pride ourselves as lighting experts and have all the above types of ceiling lights and more, if you wish to discuss what would be most suitable for you please don't hesitate to call our lighting helpline 028 3026 3282.