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View your Room in a New Light

While many trends come and go everyone has their own unique style when decorating their home. Lighting is a perfect way to showcase and express your personality throughout your home. In particular adding a table lamp to any space can not only complement the main light source but brighten up those dark corners and transform them into cosy inviting rooms. All you have to do is plug it in. We’ve chosen our favourite table lamps from the wide selection we offer in the hope to inspire you to develop your... Read More

What does IP Rating mean for Outside Lights?

What is an IP rating, what does this actually mean and why do I care when looking for an outside light? IP is Ingress Protection, this classifies the degree of protection against solids and liquids in electrical enclosures. An IP rating basically tells customers how well protected the light fitting is against moisture and other foreign bodies such as dirt. You can filter our Outside lights by IP rating here When buying light for your garden the minimum IP rating you should look for is IPX3 (IP43) this will protect your light... Read More