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When considering new lighting for your bathroom, it’s important to think about the amount of natural light already available and the size and colour of the room. Choosing a bathroom light can be very difficult as the bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to light correctly. Here at the Online Lighting Shop we have an extensive range of bathroom lights, from Bathroom ceiling lights, Bathroom Wall Lights and Bathroom Mirrors.


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Choosing The Right Bathroom Light


With a wide range of bathroom lighting on offer here at the Online Lighting Shop, we are here to help you find a light which complements the style of your bathroom.


Choosing the correct light for your bathroom can enhance the size of the room along with the right positioning of the light, the best suited light bulb, a neutral colour and the use of mirrors. 


When looking at any fitting for the bathroom be sure to look at the IR rating for the fitting to ensure it is safe to use in the bathroom.  IP Ratings are vital to look at when looking for an bathroom light because of the use of steam and water.  IP Rating is used to define the levels of protection of products from foreign bodies such as dirt and water.


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